Own a Piece of Timeless Elegance with Belle Arte Condominiums

April 12, 2021

Condominium living can be a beautiful thing with the Art Deco style Belle Arte Residential Condominiums. The Donya is not usually easily impressed with condominium buildings. Those artless, generic-looking concrete, steel, and glass boxes? Que horror! They assault the Donya’s classically-inclined sensibilities. Really! Would you like to reside in a neighborhood where the buildings are confusingly alike? The Donya has more sense than that.

The Belle Arte Residential Condominiums stands out for its timeless design. Inspired by the Don Generoso Villanueva Art Deco Mansion, Belle Arte echoes the curvilinear and geometric patterns of the mansion’s Art Deco-streamline moderne. It is the only condominium building designed in that fashion. However, Belle Arte is more than just a pretty face.

The Don Generoso Villanueva Art Deco Mansion is the biggest residential building of its kind in the Philippines.
Voila! Can a staircase get any more gorgeous than this?
Don Generoso had a quirky sense of humor. Look up to see the Spider and the Fly immortalized on the ceiling of the mansion.

Yes, the lady has good bones. Standing elegantly at 109 feet, she was solidly built in 2017 with class A materials just like her ancestor the Don Generoso Villanueva Art Deco Mansion. Obviously, like the Donya, Belle Arte‘s existence can be traced to a pedigreed background. She has the potential of becoming a classic beauty that will endure through the years.

Belle Arte Art Deco Condominiums share similar geometric patterns as its forebear complete with portholes.

Belle Arte is a beauty inside and out. The lobby is tastefully laid out with a bold black and white tile floor as the focal point. Two elevators will take you up the 7th floor. The Donya wants to emphasize that the Art Deco theme can consistently be found all throughout the interiors. From the hardwood doors for all units to the custom-designed metal grilles to the balconies that each unit is provided with. These are real balconies, my fabulously wealthy friends, and, depending on your taste, you can enjoy a lovely view of the mountain range on the east, the city skyline on the north or south, or the city center towards the sea on the west.

Belle Arte is outfitted with a fitness center, a roof deck for more expansive city views, and convenient cafe dining on the ground floor via Cafe Oscar. Condominium living need not be the cramped cooped up experience common in ordinary living spaces. Belle Arte is not for ordinary mortals. It is meant to be an exclusive adult community with culture and good taste. Units have high ceilings and the location is superb.

The roofdeck gives you lovely views of the mountain range and the cityscape.

Location, location, location

Just five minutes away is the Burgos Public Market where you can get fresh catch and produce. You can enjoy the scenery and get some exercise at the Capitol Lagoon Park. Just head off towards Lacson Street and walk north for 10 minutes. You won’t miss it. Gaze at the handsome Capitol building, or enjoy communing with the endemic animals at the Negros Forest Park. Or even get some quiet in the provincial library. There’s Ayala Malls Capitol Central behind the Capitol for the ultimate shopping experience.

Downtown is two blocks away where you can visit the San Sebastian Cathedral, the Public Plaza, the Bacolod Central Market, and SM City Bacolod. The BREDCO port is just around there for Iloilo-bound boat trips. The Bacolod-Silay Airport is a 30-minute ride from Belle Arte.

So, can you see? Low-maintenance residents can do away with cars. However, parking spaces are available at ample 12.90 square meter units for your luxury cars.

For your millions in cash, there are banks barely a block away to choose from. In fact, there’s one in every corner! Oh my lovely fabulously wealthy amigas y amigos, your overflowing coffers have safe homes waiting for them…

…just as Belle Arte Residential Condominiums is a secure haven for you.

Click on the link below to view the beautifully-made video of Belle Arte Residential Condominiums


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  1. I am also not a fan of condo living. But Belle Arte is changing my mind. My favorite unit would be the one that have windows facing two directions. I also liked it because daylight can fill up the whole room. Sigh. But I am short of Php4,999,900 for their Php5m units. Well better start saving up. Unless the Donya can buy a unit for me.

    1. Hahahaha! Now, you’re talking. The Donya has to work hard, in that case. Pare, the location is very attractive. I know it’s not a township, but many important spots are within walking distance.

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