“Safety First” Applies to Food at the Food Safety Summit

March 18, 2019

Almost 140 participants from 84 organizations and companies were at the Food Safety Summit last February 20 and 21. Held at the Sugarland Hotel, Food Safety: A Key to Financial Success, the presence of many from manufacturing companies, hotels and restaurants, schools, hospitals, suppliers, and Local Government Units sent the message that the stakeholders are taking a very serious look at improving the quality of goods and services in food-related industries.

Rightmost is the DOST VI Asst. Regional Director Emelyn Flores

Thirteen speakers tackled the following topics:

1. Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue – The Food Safety Ordinance of Bacolod City (Why We Need It)

Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue with AFEDI Pres. Reena Gamboa and Dr. Anabel Salacata

2. Vice Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson (Negros Occidental – The Importance of Food Safety in the Province of Negros Occidental

Negros Occ. Vice Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson

3. Engr. Rowen Gelonga, Regional Director, DOST VI – The Role of Science and Technology in Improving your Food Business: the Profitable Science of Food Safety

4. Arch. Ziebert Pestano, Food Safety Consultant – Food Safety Acceptable Designs for Kitchens

Arch. Ziebert Pestano

5. Mr. Leopoldo Radan, Food Safety Consultant and Asst. PRofessor, TUP-Visayas – Food Safety: The Commercial Challenge

Mr. Leopoldo Radan

6. Ms. Christine Mansinares, Negros Occ. Tourism Officer – Food Tourism and The Role of Food Safety

7. Mr. Adonis Traje, Former Agriculture Sector Technical Coordinator of AFOS Foundation – The Farm: Where Food Safety Starts

8. Dr. Grace Tan, Head of the Dept. of Sanitation, Bacolod City Health Department – Why WE Need the Yellow Card: The Importance of the Sanitation Code for Your Business Improvement

Dr. Grace Tan of Bacolod City Health Department

9. Atty. Anabelle de Veyra, Director of the Food and Drug Administration/Visayas Cluster – The Role of FDA and Food Safety in Improving Food MSME’s

Atty. Anabelle de Veyra

10. Ms. Maria Carmela T. Ambayac (AVP for Quality Assurance and Food Safety} and Ms. Dian Fe O. Dacillo (QA Technical Specialist), Rustan’s Supercenters, Inc. – What the Market Demands from the Producedrs: The Importance of Food Safety Standards

11. Ms. Hyacinth Mercano, Sr. Sales and Marketing Manager, TUV-NORD Philippines – Why Get Certified? The Advantages and Benefits of Food Safety Certification (GMP, HACCP, ISO2200, FSSC22000)

Ms. Hyacinth Mercano of TUV-NORD

12. Dr. Frances Mae Llamas, LEIPO Head, City of Talisay – The Local Government Unit Experience: How Having the City Vendors Trained in Food Safety Improved the Community

Dr. Frances Mae Llamas

13. Mr. Greg Ganza, Acct. Officer, Landbank of the Philippines – Financial Assistance to Upgrade your Company’s Food Safety Compliance

Two Panel Sessions were formed to farther prove the practicality of bringing food safety to the fore according to the summit theme i.e. Food Safety: A Key to Financial Success. For Panel Session 1, the owners of three popular restaurants in the province shared their experiences under the topic Food Safety for Food Service.  They were: Dr. Albert Jo of Rapha Valley Wellness and Nature Spa; Dr. Anabel Salacata of 26 Herb and Garden Store; and Mr. Nestor Evaristo of Aboy’s Restaurant. In the afternoon, Panel Session 2 had established business owners Belende P. Gonzaga of Fudmaster; November Canieso-Yeo of Plantsville Health Products; Mrs. Margarita Villaruel of Margie’s Cakes and Pastries; and Mr. Philip Cruz of Herbanext and Daily Apple.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to the sponsors of the event, i.e. Sugarland Hotel, the Department of Science and Technology, Guill-Bern Corp., Synergy Int’l. Sales, Inc., Llamado Pest Control, iExterminate, and PhilExport.

(Left to Right) Aboy Evaristo, Dr. Anabel Salacata, Dr. Albert Jo
November Canieso-Yeo, Margarita Villaruel, Philip Cruz, and Belende Gonzaga
Congratulations to the organizing team of the Food Safety Summit

The Food Safety Summit 2019 was organized by the Negrense Food Consultance Group (NFCG) and AFEDI, the ANP-Foundation for Enterprise Development, Inc. with the mission of supporting local producers in “achieving higher product quality through compliance of product in relation to the statutory standards of the country.” The NFCG is composed of local experts who are competent and knowledgeable professionals and service providers from the government, the academe, and the private sectors.


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