The CityMall Movie Card: You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!

April 26, 2019

Ay grabe the excitement over the screening of Marvel Studios’ Avengers Endgame! As in walang ending na excitement. Care ko lang sa kanila, but what I know is, matindi ang crush ko kay Captain America. Played by the tall, strapping, muy guapo Chris Evans, having Captain America as part of the Avengers was reason enough to queue up and get a CityMall Premier Movie Card.

I heard through the grapevine that some theater seats are sold out na, siempre, hindi ako magpahuli. So, how do I get tickets before Avengers Endgame is shown? Puede ba ‘yon? Oo naman. Nothing is impossible if there’s a will, there’s a way. Think ahead! Buy ahead!

So, I do not line up for so long, and worse, not being able to see my favourite movie at all, I got myself a CityMall Movie Card.  With a choice of P200 for the Cinema 1, or P250 for the Premier Movie Card so that I can enjoy plush seats and feel like a movie star myself when I walk down the alley and feel my heels sink into the thick carpet.  Depends talaga sa budget ko.  Kaya lang, I want to treat myself so, Premier Movie Card na ang choice ko.

Now, if you feel generous, give the gift of excitement and convenience.  Puede ka ding bumili ng CityMall Movie Card and hand it over to you loved one so that she or he may have fun at the CityMall Movie without having to line up.  Imagine the look of happiness and surprise on her or his face pag binigay mo ang CityMall Movie Card of the movie na inaabangan niya pero wala siyang patience to line up.

Hello, Guapo! Ay, jealous si Captain America..

Even better if the whole barkada or la familia could enjoy the movie together, di ba?  Bili kayo nga popcorn, drinks…pagkatapos, pasok kayong lahat na excited na excited.  Basta huwag lang masyadong maingay to respect din the other moviegoers who are there to bond with friends and family. Basta enjoy talaga kayo!!

Haaay, naku!!! Hindi na kayo makatulog, ano? If ever sold out na ang seats, lesson iyan sa inyo.  Ang CityMall Cinema has the perfect solution to that.  Buy ahead!  Use the CityMall Movie Card!

Hungry for action and excitement. Mabuti na lang may CityMall Movie Card.