Cinema de luxe at Citymall Mandalagan

February 6, 2018

Watching a movie at Citymall Mandalagan’s Cinema promises to be an experience de luxe for an avid moviegoer. It would be a treat to get off the couch, take off your pajamas and get dressed, and take a BFF or the fambam to enjoy a movie in luxury. This is something that you can’t have at home – even if you pop your own corn to try for an authentic movie experience.
Tell me, does your “home theater” have carpeting so thick that walking on it made you feel like a star? Are the seats so plush that you sink into them and get a warm hug? Aside from the seat hugging you, does yours have backrests that recline and a footrest that lifts your legs for a total VIP treatment?

This is the good life!

While regular theaters can fit a horde of film fans into them, the Citymall Cinema allows only 40 special viewers to partake of the luxe treatment at one time. There is a lot of leg room between aisles so movie-goers have more freedom to stretch their limbs without risking hitting his neighbor. Each seat is an individual unit and not attached to the next. With two armrests per chair, one avoids the awkward tussle over the shared arm so common in regular theaters. And each armrest has a receptacle for drinks, as in, one for each arm! Chairs have wide enough seats to accommodate an ample bottom, or a lady’s well-stuffed purse.

Lighted steps ensure the moviegoers’ safety even in the dark

Even when the chairs are arranged right next to each other, a moviegoer, when seated, is comfortably distanced enough if on a solo movie trip, but not too far when with a partner so that both can have a cozy conversation throughout the film.

The two kumares bond over The Greatest Showman

The film I watched with friends was too interesting and spellbinding that I must have exchanged only a few remarks, grunts, and giggles until the end. The exciting, fast-paced musical on the life of circus great P.T. Barnum The Greatest Showman had us mesmerized all throughout. Starring Hugh Jackman playing Barnum, and Michelle Williams playing his wife, The Greatest Showman is a spectacular production about a spectacular production.

P.T. Barnum’s life onscreen. “A sucker is born every minute.”

Barnum was famous for uttering the line, “A sucker is born every minute” which sums up why his circus was a success. The sound system ensured the viewer a total sensory experience in this exciting film.

Celebrity guide of The Ruins Roger Lucero enjoys rest from his duties at Citymall Cinema

Excitement prevented me from getting too comfortable and from falling asleep in the posh seat. And, of course, Hugh Jackman’s superb performance and good looks kept me riveted to the screen. All in all, Citymall Cinema gave justice to this superb musical with colors and sounds as vivid as they can be.