Ride This Way: A Walk-Through Guide to Call for a GrabCar with Cashless Payment

February 17, 2021

Donyas are so used to having things done for them. I am no exception, so, I was quite intimidated by the thought that I should have to hail a GrabCar myself, and, horrors! handle cash to pay the chauffeur. Alexri, my faithful, long-suffering Girl Friday, had gone on vacation and got stuck wherever on earth she was by the oh-so-inconvenient quarantine period. I usually bristle with pride if there was any hint coming from her that she was indispensable. Hah!!! I proved to her that I can do this on my own. I now can book for a #GrabCarBacolod AND pay without using cash. Dahlings, let me show you how I did it.

1) Download the Grab App, or if you already have one, make sure to update it to the latest version.

2) Click on “Car”. Just “Car”. You can’t choose the kind. I know, I know, you’re used to your Lexuses, Benzes, your BMW’s. But now’s not the time to be bratty. All Grab Cars I’ve ridden on are clean, spiffy, and smell good. Trust me.

3) A friendly list of health reminders and caveats is presented to you. For you and every one else’s safety, kindly click on “I accept”.

4) The next page will ask you your destination with “Where to?” Fill this in.

5) You “confirm pick up” with a thoughtful feature “give details about your pick up point” like what I do to specify gate color and landmark. E.g. “please look for the Venus de Milo surrounded by blue hydrangeas.”

6) The car rates are presented to you according to cashless payment options: GrabCar (Credit/Debit Card)? Or GrabCar (GrabPay)? The choice is yours. Click on your desired payment scheme.

7) A notice is next to confirm that your ride is on its way to you complete with driver’s name, photograph, car description, plate number, and color. Plus! You can chat with your driver to give him further directions for clarity.

8) Board the car, but don’t forget the required protective gears – face mask and face shield. If all is done, you’re good to go!

I’ve arrived! Safe, sound, and happy!

Well, it wasn’t that bad, was it? So, dahlings, when your drivers are in a bad mood, or had called in sick for the day, do not, i repeat, DO NOT THROW A TANTRUM! Show these chauffeurs that life goes on for you. Enjoy your trips to the spa, or the salon, or to your best friend’s sit-down dinners. The best part is that your GrabCar fare costs less than your manicure.

Ciao et la di dah!

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