Azatri Souvenir Shirts: Just Tap it!

November 21, 2020

It’s amazing how Azatri souvenir shirts are always timeless.  The vibrant, colorful, and outrageously exciting designs are unmistakably made in Bacolod, and joining the Masskara Festival is never complete without donning an Azatri Shirt emblazoned with a grinning mask. Adding to Azatri’s timelessness is Vijaya Merchant Solutions, Inc. (VMSI) now making the shirts available online through Lazada and Shopee.  Azatri shirts can be yours anytime with a tap of your finger.

Azatri Has Gone a Long Way

When Arlene Zamora Agusila (AZA) and Teodulfo Ricardo Intante (TRI) became partners in business over two decades ago in 1992, their P100 initial capital started them on the road to popularity, big sales, and a partnership for life. Azatri Souvenirs grew into a much sought-after and multi-awarded venture for the couple as it became the number one producer of the Association of Negros Producers selling, eventually, not only T-shirts but also other souvenir items such as keychains, refrigerator magnets, pens, and fashion accessories. The products are mostly geared towards the huge tourist market. Nevertheless, the creativity and clever designs of Azatri are just too good to keep to one sector.

The Market is Open

Vijaya is a Bacolod-based e-commerce enabler that Azatri owner Arlene Infante selected to make that significant, game-changing leap from regular to online marketing without the need for an in-house technical team. Azatri needs the expertise and commitment for a smooth transition into the digital world. So, Lazada and Shopee, here we come!

Pandemic? What pandemic?

With purchasing options now available, fans of Bacolod, or the Masskara Festival, or Negros Occidental as a whole can continue to enjoy the unique designs of high quality Azatri products without the risk of physically going to a store.  “Add to Cart” any Azatri souvenir shirts through:  



Highly recommended are humorous shirts to brighten up your day.  Enrol at Covid Univeristy and graduate with a B.S. in Masscom (“Major in KDrama Marathon”), or a B.S. in Entrepreneurship [“Major in FB Online Selling, Minor in PITK (PM is the Key)], or a B.A. in Political Science (“Major in Online Trolling”), or, my favorite, B.S. Agribusiness (“Major in Online Resell and Delivery of Bangus, Pasayan, patola, Lettuce, Manumbok, Sapsap, Brocolli, at saka Mayroon Pa, Labanos at Mustasa”)

Azatri has never lost its quirky sense of humor. Add to cart na to brighten up your day with funny “memes” showcasing our distinctive brand of Pinoy humor. Speed up the fun with a tap at the links below.

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