Uplifting Young Minds with Rotary Club of Bacolod-South’s Oplan Hilam-os

December 7, 2017

There’s nothing like  a refreshing dip in cooling water, or just a splash to tone down the heat of the day.  Water cools, water refreshes, and water lifts the spirits.  The Rotary Club of Bacolod-South’s Oplan Hilam-os, recently launched for RY 2017-2018, was meant to be like cleansing waters for one of the organization’s pet projects.

Since 1993, RCBS has been supporting the RCBS Day Care and Community Center at Zone 5, Purok Pepsi, Brgy. Bata.  The Center is proof of the magnanimity of the club members.  The 1,180-square meter lot on which it stands was purchased by the Rotary Club of Bacolod South Foundation, Inc. to become part of the club’s Purok Pepsi Children’s Park.

oplan hilam-os

This has benefited residents of both Purok Pepsi and Brgy. Bata with its basketball court and stage in order to accommodate the residents’ sports and cultural programs and activities.

Day Care Center Front – Before Oplan Hilam-os


After Oplan Hilam-os

Oplan Hilam-os is meant to upgrade and maintain the RCBS Day Care and Community Center.  This is a boon for the Day Care teacher, Ms. Espi, who has the major responsibility of molding the young minds of the community.  The beautification project is also an inspiration for the RCBS to continue celebrating Christmas with the young wards in the Club’s Christmas party every year.

The Center gets a make-over


Trees grew and the birds came

A sense of camaraderie and purpose united the upgrading of the Center.  The club members, and the wards and the wards’ parents got involved in cleaning up and repainting the building.  There’s nothing like support for our future generation to get the community to work together.

With the Club’s major focus on Literacy and Education, Oplan Hilam-os shows how much its members value good quality education, hence, provides the right environment for all 100 children to thrive in.

The “cleansing waters” of Oplan Hilam-os made for clearer minds, boosted morale, gave everyone a sense of achievement, and inspires young children to do their best because they know that the Rotary Club of Bacolod-South cares for them.

A very good sign of the times