Why I Need a VIVO V7+

December 20, 2017

For the first time in my life, I experienced the pain of camera envy.  My two-year-old phone (brand name withheld, but is a good one) had been my co-worker in events and seminars, my buddy when I travel, and my secretary on those insanely busy days.

As “official photographer” to this writer-blogger-tour guide, my current phone is an essential instrument in capturing those scenes at the right moment.  Examples are pigeons in flight in Penang, a long table laden with a restaurant’s specialties during a food crawl, funny signs, and even a lecturer’s notes flashed on a screen.

I have no problems, I mean, my phone has no problems with taking in landscapes and seascapes, but, boy, oh boy, when put to task to shoot words on a screen, that’s when it gets into trouble. A lot of times, the words are a blur. The worst was capturing only a white screen with the flash bouncing back.  A co-writer with a VIVO showed me her shot – all clear and defined, and I wanted to tell my phone that it was fired.

The latest VIVO model, the VIVO V7+, has the potential to be my new partner in life.  It has a powerful 24MP camera with a VIVO exclusive: the Face Beauty algorithm that “offers crystal-clear photos and natural facial enhancement.” I do not do a lot of selfies but I shoot a lot of faces and I want to capture them on camera always from a flattering angle.  The VIVO V7+ assures the photographer of better definition while retaining the natural look of the subject.

Why do I need a VIVO V7+?

  • VIVO V7+ has a 24 MP Front Camera with an All-Screen Display (definitely a plus). It has 4GM RAM  and 32GB ROM.  If there’s a front camera, there is a rear camera at 16MP.

  • The comfortable grip (slim, slightly curved body) makes sure I don’t mess up the moment with shaking hands or inconvenience. Awkward handling can be annoying and my rule is: do not antagonize the photographer. Or else.  This holds true especially for celebrities whose faces are their tickets to stardom.
  • The 5.7-inch All Screen Display is the perfect foil for perfect faces. One look at the face of VIVO V7+ Stephen Curry makes me just want to melt. Those eyes!

  • Let’s discuss something closer to home.  The BoybandPH’s 5-member band’s Joao Constancia, Russel Reyes,      Ford Valencia, Tristan Ramirez, and Niel Murillo – all good-looking, talented, and confident without a hint of    arrogance.  They should know the power of photographs. They said, “VIVO V7+ is perfect for group selfies.          Kuhang-kuha kaming lahat.  Clear photos.  Panoramic features.”  Siempre naman! Location shoots,                    promotional tours, and onstage shots have to produce sharper, distinctive group selfies to delight their fans.      Colors must be true-to-life in order to deliver and do justice to these boys’ swoon-worthy looks.
    •                                                          This photo was NOT taken with a VIVO V7+
  • What makes V7+ (close na kami) extraordinary are its other features i.e., Smart Split 3.0, App clone, and Face Access that scans the owner’s face and unlocks after identifying the biological facial features. The Raise-to-Wake technology makes unlocking ultra-simple.  Just pick up the phone.

I really need a VIVO V7+.

With VIVO,  I live.